Published on 08/02/18 by Yvona Ward


When you think of great golfing destinations, many locations in Florida, the Carolinas, or the West Coast probably come to mind. You may not realize, however, that our own city of Baton Rouge is a bit of a golf mecca itself. In the greater Baton Rouge area alone, there are over 20 different courses, each providing its own unique golfing experience. In addition, Golf Advisor, a site that collects rankings from users for a variety of course features, lists a 4-star ranking for the Baton Rouge area (for comparison, Orlando also has a 4-star ranking). In case you're trying to plan a golf outing, Golf Advisor also provides a list of the top ten locations around Baton Rouge along with links to get more information or to schedule a tee time.

Since Baton Rouge obviously has quite the golfing culture, one of its newest businesses should come as no surprise. Many of you may have noticed the construction on North Mall Road near Siegen Lane. Well, this is the future location of Baton Rouge's very own Top Golf location. If you are unfamiliar with Top Golf, it is essentially a golfing Disney World. The Baton Rouge location will have 72 indoor hitting bays that can host up to 6 players each. These hitting bays will feature "microchipped" golf balls, which allow each player to track their hits and performance as well as to compete against each other head-to-head. The facility will also house a restaurant and bar to really make the experience incredible. Top Golf will be a perfect way for the busy golfer, who just doesn't have the time to play a full 18 holes, to still get his fix.

But what if you're the type of insatiable golfer who cannot get enough of the game? Maybe, you'd like to live only a golf cart's drive from the first hole of a top-rated course? Well, here are just a few homes that would turn your golfing dream into a reality:


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